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How To Fold A Dress Shirt For Travel

Do you have an upcoming wedding, business meeting, or just some traveling to do? If so, then you might need to pack a dress shirt. Even if you are jeans and a t-shirt kind of person, you may want to pack a shirt. You never known an opportunity will come knocking, requiring you to dress up like a boss.

You don’t just stuff the shirt with the other clothes in your suitcase or duffle bag. It will wrinkle and leave you looking like a junior school kid on photo day. Carrying a heavy iron box is not a great idea either.

This article will teach you how to fold a dress shirt for travel to reduce wrinkles and creases. Folding a dress shirt has never been this easy! Prepare to look sharp and stunning next time when you travel, but first, what should you look for when picking a travel shirt?

What Makes a Good Travel Shirt?

1. Quality Materials

A travel shirt made of quality materials will not only assure you of comfort but also make you feel good about yourself. Merino wool will never disappoint.

Not all good travel shirts are made of merino wool, but this material will leave you warm when it’s cold and keeps you fresh when the weather is hot and, most importantly, it does not stink.

A combination of spandex, polyester, and nylon works well too. Cotton shirts are comfortable, but they absorb and retain moisture and sweat, leaving you stinking. You can go for a lightweight cotton shirt.

2. High Performance

Not all shirts are great to pack when traveling. Some have a killer design but zero performance. For a travel shirt, look for a wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying, stain, UV, and odor-resistant shirt.

3. Versatility

Packing a few shirts, when traveling, is admirable. You’ll reduce your luggage size that will give you an easier time carrying it around.

A shirt that would look good on the streets and also great for a meeting or dinner is thus, priceless. You should look presentable and simple at the same time. Avoid shirts with big printed logos or writings and offensive images.

Well-designed, fitting, colored shirts will make you feel in place.

4. Durability

Your ideal travel shirt should withstand the harsh experience of travel and washing. Natural fabric such as merino wool has excellent durability. Synthetic ones like polyester and nylon can also stretch, so you don’t have to worry about ripping your shirt when your range of motion increases.

5. Lightweight

When packing, the last thing you need is the luggage of a few weighty clothes. The lesser the weight, the more enjoyable your trip will be! Consider packing shirts that are lightweight for your travel.

If you are going to a cold area, you can keep warm by layering. With all the movement you will be doing, carrying a lightweight shirt with a fabric that allows a regulated body temperature is a smart move.

Look for polyester, high-thread-count cotton shirts. Merino wool is very advantageous as it can be worn at any time of the year.

Steps To Take When Folding A Dress Shirt

Here’s how you should fold a dress shirt to reduce wrinkling.

Step 1: Button the shirt including the top button.

Step 2: Lay it on a hard, smooth, and flat surface like a table with the front-facing down.

Step 3: Spread the sleeves to the side and ensure there are no dents.

Step 4: Fold the sleeves horizontally (inwards towards the middle of the shirt’s back, halfway up the sleeve) without folding the seams on the side.

Step 5: Fold the sleeves to the middle.

Fold the sleeves so that the side seams are even from shoulder to hem, and they form a V-shape under the collar, where they meet.

Step 6: Fold the shirt in half.

Fold the shirt along the length in half with two hands from the bottom up. The bottom part of the shirt should rest below the collar. You can fold once or two times, depending on how long your shirt is and your packing space.

Flip over the folded shirt and pack.

Which Is Better Between Folding And Rolling Shirts?

Many people prefer rolling their clothes to military-style. It saves up on a lot of space since the clothes are compact, and sometimes, reduce wrinkling.

While the military-style is cool, rolling button-up dress shirts is particularly hard as they are bulky because of the sleeves. They are even more prone to creasing as rolling the fabric gets it bunched up.

Unfortunately, there is no sure method to avoid your dress shirt from wrinkling completely.  Stuffing up a cloth in a tiny space where there is a bunch of other items guarantees some amount of wrinkling, no matter how well folded or rolled up it is-hard truth.

What Determines The Extent Of Wrinkling?

  • The weave and the fabric that makes up the shirt.
  • How long is your clothing packed? The longer the period, the more the wrinkling.
  • How tightly packed is your clothing. A lot of clothing in the bag means it is tightly packed — the lesser the luggage, the more minor the wrinkling.

So, how do you ensure you don’t attend a business meeting or a dinner date with a shirt that is as wrinkled as a prune?

Refreshing Wrinkled Shirts

If you are running late, rushing to a dry cleaner or paying for laundry services at a hotel may not be an option. If you can access an iron, then your day is bright already. However, the previous user may have left some gunk on the iron. Just try it out on another cloth before pressing your shirt.

Suppose you can’t access an iron. Spritz some water on the wrinkles then taut the fabric by pulling. You can then dry the area with a hairdryer and enjoy a wrinkle-free day!


Whether you’re facing flight delays, issues with hotel reservations, or traffic, at least wrinkled dress shirts are no longer your worry. Practicing on folding your dress shirts will spare you a lot of trouble. Even if there are little creases here and there, you can comfortably refresh them.

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