20 Underrated Beaches From Around The World

Do you wish to travel soon?  One of the best travel ideas is to visit a place where there is a beach. However, famous beaches have lots of people and expenses shoot through the roof.

Visiting an underrated place with untouched natural beauty is magical as you will find fewer people and incur lesser accommodation expenses. And, with 70% of the world enclosed with water, it’s not impossible to find such a beach.

Take a look at some of the most underrated beaches in the world.

1.         Cannon Beach – Oregon, U.S

Image Credits | Lonely Planet

Cannon Beach has an outstanding rocky coastline and protruding rocks, 235 feet above its waters. It is also the home of beautiful birds and tidepools.

Image Credits | National Geographic

A large portion of the beach is known for bonfires, dog walking, and sandcastles. Walking along the beach, you will like the calm, quiet scenery that many tourists are yet to know.

2.         Punta Aderci – Abruzzo, Italy

The beach is surrounded by exciting cliffs and untouched natural habitats such as wildflowers and dunes. The endless meadows and mountainous view will give you an enjoyable feeling while at this vacation beach. Punta Aderci beach has lesser crowds than places like the Amalfi coast, which is always flooded with tourists.

3.         Panther Beach – California, U.S

Image Credits | California Beaches

If you want a smooth ride, then Panther beach isn’t your place. It’s remotely located, and to reach there, you have to drive along a narrow, steep path and bushy environment. 

Image Credits | California Beaches

This breathtaking beach is located 10 miles away north of Santa Cruz. The sandstone arch, beautiful cliffs, and calm waves are some of the beach’s attraction features.

4.         Santiago Island – Cape Verde

Santiago Island has two lovely beaches: Praia Baixo, the smallest, and Praia Gamboa. Praia Baixo is the place to be if you like fishing and viewing animals like sea turtles. In Praia Gamboa, you get to see Cape Verde’s beauty and interact with locals in their cultural festivals.

5.         Windansea Beach – San Diego, U.S

Image Credits | California Beaches

This charming beach is a coastline stretch found in San Diego, California, with the best scenery, such as underwater reefs. Most recognized surfers take a vacation on this beach, located in a distant place from the tourist hustle.

Image Credits | California Beaches

However, it is close to a town where you have a short day’s trip. You too would like to enjoy surfing or relaxation in a cool place with good scenery.

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6.         Sombrero Beach – Marathon Florida, U.S

This beach gets the honor of the closest Caribbean beach in the United States and is the most beautiful in Florida. If you like picnics, and pet walking, consider this beach.

It has white sand, beautiful palm trees that make the environment calm and clear waters. The fun and comfort in this beach offer a Caribbean feeling within the United States.

7.         Kujira-Jima – Setouchi, Japan

Image Credits | Setouchi Finder

If you want to experience relaxed waves and a quiet environment, Kujira-Jima is the island to visit. It is located in Tamano city, a 30 minutes’ distance from Uno Port.

Image Credits | Setouchi Finder

Locals call it the Whale Island since it resembles a whale shape. This inhabited cool island can accommodate one group daily due to its small size. You will enjoy kayaking, fishing, and many more activities.

8.         Anse Georgette – Praslin, Seychelles

Image Credits | Location Scout

The Anse Georgette is a white sand beach best for quiet life since the visitors are few. It is a friendly environment worth some day’s visit. Due to its remote location, the beach is undeveloped compared to places like Anse Source in the same region.

9.         Second Beach – Washington, U.S

Image Credits | Atlas Obscura

The Olympic Coast is home to three fantastic beaches. Located in Washington, USA, the first beach is usually crowded, although you can access it easily. The third beach is far, and you have to transverse through a bushy forested road.

The second beach is situated in between the two, and it’s the best place to visit. You can enjoy hiking in its canopied forest, which has spruce trees and lovely wildlife. The breeze and waves along the shoreline give you a feeling you won’t like to miss.

10.   Black Island –Palawan, Philippines

Image Credits | Journey Era

The beach has dark cliffs that can be seen clearly over the clear waters. The place has striking beauty thanks to the green foliage, bright waters, and beautiful coral garden in an old shipwreck dating back decades. Additionally, the island has swimmable caves characterized by stalagmites and an excellent place for underwater exploration and diving.

11.   Chumphon Province – Southern Thailand

Situated in Southern Thailand, this province is not known by tourists. It has more than 40 beautiful white sand beaches that visitors can enjoy visiting.

Tourists can enjoy their stay at nearby fishermen villages while still engaging in coral rehab missions and other nature-friendly activities.  The swaying palm trees and blue waters are a scene to remember.

12.   Pyla Sur Mer – France

Pyla Sur Mer is a breathtaking beach located on the southern side of France. It’s close to Bordeaux city.

The beautiful scenery with white sand makes all the difference. Being Europe’s most giant dune, this beach attracts different cultural activities, mostly in summer. This beach is the place to visit and experience leisure at its best.

13.   Hiriketiya Beach – Sri Lanka

This tiny beach with a horseshoe-shaped bay is located close to Tangalle. It has a friendly environment with favorable weather for a vacation.

Also, this remote place is surrounded by beautiful coconut palms and incredible scenery. The beach isn’t crowded as others in the area; thus it’s the best choice for you.

14.   Curacao – Caribbean

Image Credits | Curacao

Most people think of Aruba when Caribbean vacation comes to mind. The good news is that there is Curacao, a nice place to enjoy your vacation. The place is located in the Dutch Caribbean and has less population.

The weather is also perfect for activities like windsurfing and sea diving. Curacao is home to 35 beaches that are still not utilized by humans. A vacation on this island is all you need for relaxation.

15.   Playa Mina – Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Image Credits | TripAdvisor

To reach this beautiful beach, you will have no choice but to use a four by four vehicle. It is also called Zapotillal, and since it’s not easily accessible, the place is less crowded.

You will be fascinated by its beautiful scenery, privacy, tide pools, and lively –blue water. However, carry your daily requirements since the place has only the beach to offer: no other activities.

16.   Cumberland Island – Georgia, U.S

Image Credits | Explore Georgia

The island has beautiful dunes and many wild horses in the woodland. It is situated 18 miles from pristine marshes, and it will take you 45 minutes from St Marys, Georgia, using a ferry to reach this beautiful island.

The weather is favorable, and the serene environment is calm for a vacation. Watching the wild horses roaming around is an opportunity you can’t miss.

17.   Hole In The Wall – Coffee Bay, South Africa

Coffee Bay has a unique landmark, the hole- in- the- wall feature, a place where you can swim beneath and meet the Indian Ocean’s waters. This beach is located in a remote place, east of Cape Town, but you have to beat an unclear path before reaching there. The scenery is breathtaking, lovely for surfing, hiking, and swimming activities.

18.   Sylt Beach – Germany

Some call it “The German Hamptons,” this island is unique from others in the European country. The beaches are of the best quality too, and you can rest assured of the comfort and relaxation that comes with a vacation on this island. The area’s culture and unique monuments make lovely scenery.

19.   Ballyholme Beach – Northern Ireland

Image Credits | Bangorni

Situated in Bangor, North Ireland, Ballyholme beach is the place to be for relaxation. The scenery is excellent, and you can relax and watch boats ride by in the calm waters.

You can also walk your pup along this beach!  Visit the Jamaica Inn or yacht club in the West or Groomsport village in the West for entertainment purposes.

20.   Gulf Shores – Alabama, U.S

Image Credits | Visit the USA

Alabama gulf has some of the best beaches in America. The white sand covers 32 miles, which makes it a great tourist destination.

Those who wish to have fun can do so at Waterville USA and in the amusement park. You don’t have to spend a fortune to visit this beach, especially during winters.


Explore the world. This time, let your travel experience be unique by changing the norm and visiting one of the above-underrated beach destinations globally. Happy travels!
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