11 Reasons Why Your Next Trip Should Be In Kenya

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It not only stands out as the safari capital of the world, or a haven of flora and fauna, but it also hosts the friendliest and funniest people of the world.

What can fall short of a country that has ‘Jambo – hello’ and ‘hakuna matata – there’s no trouble’ as its slogans?

You’ll make Kenya your next stopover after finding out these reasons.

Why You Should Visit Kenya

1.      Entering Kenya Is So Simple

Photo Credit @KAA

The chaos experienced during immigration processes is unheard of Kenya. The country has a straightforward online short-term visa application. You won’t have to spend lots of time filing for travel documents and queuing for stamps.

2.      You Can Spot The Big Five

Close up of lion cubs laying together waiting upon mother.

It is the world’s greatest wildlife-watching destination and home for the big five. Kenyan safari through the Rocky Mountains, dense forests and vast grasslands will bring the lion, elephant, the Cape buffalo, the leopard, and white/ black rhinos right before your eyes.

3.      You’ll Witness Wildebeest Migration

Photo Credit @ Maasai Mara National Reserve

Kenya has one of nature’s greatest wonders and the most sought after wildlife experiences. Over one million wildebeests, the zebra, antelope, buffaloes migrate from Serengeti in Tanzania to the Maasai Mara in Kenya at around mid-august to October annually.

Photos and videos of the migration can’t come close to giving you fulfillment as seeing in person.

4.      It’s Ideal For Safari First-Timers

Angama Mara | Maasai Mara | Photo Credit @ Maasai Mara National Reserve

The perfect definition of safari is found in this country. The safari industry is backed up with efficient tourism infrastructure such as lodges and camps that will allow you to have the perfect bush life experience.

5.      Offers Both Safari And Beach Itinerary

Photo Credit @ The Sands at Chale Island hotel – Diani Beach

Kenyan geography allows you to watch antelopes, lions, elephants in the morning, and flop on the white sandy Indian Ocean beaches for water sports and relaxation during the afternoon sun.

6.      Wonderful Birdlife

Pink Flamingos | Lake Nakuru | Photo Credit @ Amusing Planet

It hosts more than 1000 recorded bird species, including the beautiful pink flamingo birds on Lake Nakuru and Bogoria in the country’s rift valley region. The flock creates perfect photographing scenery.

7.      Its Ancient Sites Hold Interesting Stories

Fort Jesus | Mombasa Island | Photo Credit @ Magical Kenya

You’ll get the opportunity to understand stories such as the evolution of man since most evidence of man’s initial existence has been found in Kenya.

The Kenyan coast also tells of the ancient stories from the cluster of ancient mosques, palaces, and houses all in a primeval forest.

8.      You’ll Wake Up In The Hotel Queen Elizabeth Woke Up In

TreeTops Lodge | Photo Credit @

Make sure you experience Kenya’s royal status accommodation at least once this lifetime. A young princess Elizabeth of Great Britain, did just that in Kenya’s TreeTops Lodge and ascended to the throne as queen.

9.      Perfect For Wedding Proposals

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

She’ll say yes to you if she sees all the shrubs, wildlife, birds, and the Kenyan skies cheering her on. Prince William of Great Britain did just that in the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Mt. Kenya, and Kate Middleton couldn’t resist.

10.  You’ll Gather Pretty Mementos

Photo Credit @ Woodworker’s Journal

Kenya is home to craftspeople that make perfect objects and artwork. Look out for the Kitengela glass, shoes, belts, and jewelry to take back home when you visit.

11.  You Can And Get Cozy With Giraffes

Giraffe Manor | Nairobi | Photo Credit @ Anna Everywhere

If you didn’t know, giraffes are friendly, adorable and cheeky. The famous Giraffe Manor sitting on a 12 acre land in Nairobi’s suburb allows guests to feed giraffes in the evening. They’ll give you a rub with their tongue for gratitude.


The Maasai | Photo Credit @ Masai Mara Bookings

Isn’t Kenya so spectacular? It’s time to stop fantasizing and feel the real deal. Be prepared to be rendered silent with the scenery in Kenya.

Oh, if you didn’t know, it is the sanctuary for ‘nyama choma – roasted meat.’ The beef steaks, oh my!

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