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11 Best Yoga Mats That Will Help You Master Your Downward Dog

Yoga involves both physical and mental exercise. Downward dog pose is one of the most popular yoga poses in the western countries.

A yoga mat is an essential tool while practicing yoga. It prevents you from sliding, provides thermal insulation to the body, and supports your joints. A good yoga mat should be soft, rigid, flexible, and breathable.

Yoga mats are available on online platforms. Searching for yoga mats near me will give you the best yoga mat for the pose.

How To Do Downward Dog Pose

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to do Downward- facing dog yoga:

  • Bring your wrist below and slightly forward shoulders and the knees below the below your hips. Ensure that your wrist is parallel to the mat. Relax your upper body as you stretch your elbows. Layout your fingers widely as you press the inner arts of your hand and knuckles.
  • Exhale and push your toes to move your knees upwards. At the first keep, the knees bent and heels slightly lifted from the floor. Slowly straighten your legs. Press your tailbone a bit towards the pubis. Lift your sitting bone as you move inner ankles towards the groin.
  • Exhale again as you push your top thighs back and stretch your heels downwards to the floor. Straighten your knees, strengthen the outer thighs, and slightly move the upper thighs inward.
  • As you compress the outer arms, press the base of the index fingers. In this position, lift your inner arms upwards and widen your shoulder arms. Keep the head straight between the upper arms.
  • Pose for 1-3 minutes, breathe out, and then rest.

Benefits Of Downward Dog Pose

There are many benefits of the downward dog pose, which includes:

  • It promotes blood circulation to the brain, which cures headaches, mild depression, and insomnia.
  • It improves concentration and memory.
  • Strengthens and lengthen your muscles.
  • Prevent Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Relieves back pain.
  • Prevent osteoporosis.
  • Relieve period discomfort and menopause-related symptoms.
  • Improve digestion.
  • It brings more oxygen to the body by stretching and strengthening the spine.

The Best Yoga Mats For The Downward Dog Pose

Here are the 11 best yoga mats for the downward dog pose.

1.      Yogitoes Mat

The non-skid mat has silicone nubs on the lower side to prevent the mat from skidding. The carpet is eco-friendly since it is made from recycled water bottles.

The top side is mushy, hygienic, and water absorbent. The mat is quick-drying, low weight, and durable. It can be used at gyms, beaches, picnics, and other outdoor activities.

2.      Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

Manduka yoga mat is an ultra-dense mat that is large and offers enough comfort during downward dog yoga. The rug is made with closed-cell technology to prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria. 

The surface is made of fabric-like material to enhance movement between poses. A high level of engineering ensures that the mat doesn’t fade or peel off. The latex-free mat is completely durable; doesn’t wear out with reasonable care.

3.      IUGA Pro Non Slip Yoga Mat

The reversible lululemon mat has two sides; one smooth side and the other side has perforations. The durable mat has enough cushioning and support for a downward dog pose.

IUGA Pro Non Slip Yoga Mat is made using 100% eco-friendly products, it’s odorless and lightweight.

4.      Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

This mat is made from natural rubber and is best suited for hot yoga. It is ultra-absorbent to moisture, non-slip, and durable. Though it is not as thick as other yoga mats, Jade mat still offers padding and support to hands, foot, and knees.

It has different sizes and colors; however, it’s not recommended for a latex intolerance person. 

5.      Gaiam Premium 2-Color Yoga Mat

This mat is made of PVC, which makes it ideal for persons with latex allergy. The mat is durable, reversible with extra thickening for cushioning. Closed-cell construction inhibits germs, molds, and bacteria. The top soft layer allows for water absorption and prevents slipping.

6.      Gaiam Classic Solid Color Yoga Mat

This is one of the best yoga mats for beginners. The carpet has enough thickness for daily use. The mat offers a two-color design to keep up your spirit during the yoga exercise. More importantly, the Gaiam classic mat is durable, lightweight, toxic-free, yet very affordable.

7.      Jade Yoga Voyager Mat

Jade Voyager mat is a portable mat that folds up into a small yoga block and perfectly fits a backpack or even a small suitcase. The carpet is made of natural rubber, which gives a better hold instead of synthetic rubber. Unlike other mats with closed-cell technology, the mat is made up of a porous surface.

8.      Moon Phases Cork Yoga Mat

The eco-friendly mat is made of natural tree rubber, and it features a moon phases design. The mat is made from natural latex and cork; hence it has no chemicals or toxins. The cork surface is antimicrobial to eliminate odor. It provides ultra-grip on hot yoga.

On cold yoga practices, you spray with water to activate the grip until your body warms up. The mat has a carry strap and a weight of 7.5lbs; thus, you can easily carry it along. However, it is not suitable for persons with latex allergy.

9.      Fit Smart Yoga Mat

The classy yoga mats not only does it roll up on its own, but it also has Amazon Alexa Command that gives you guidance on yoga routine. The mat is latex and PVC free, making it safe to the environment and to your health.

Besides, the rug is soft, and your sweat enhances the grip. Fit Smart Yoga mat is larger than the average mat.

10.  Aurorae Classic Extra Thick Mat

The thick mat made from resin gives support to your body to prevent knee and hip joint pains. The mat is large enough for an adult, and it comes in 12 illuminating colors.

The rug is durable, odorless, and easy to maintain. The Aurorae mat has a moon focal point that helps you to focus during the yoga practices.

11.  Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat

The mat is made of natural tree rubber and an absorbent microfiber towel layer. The mat provides superior grip during practices. The mat is very light, foldable, and long-lasting.

It comes in diverse and unique color patterns that give more therapy during the pose. The mat has a carrying strap for easy movements.


When choosing a mat for downward dog yoga, you should consider the thickness of the carpet. A thicker mat enhances stability, comfort and gives ample support to your joints.

The texture is essential in providing traction to prevent falls. Other factors to consider when buying a yoga mat include thickness, length, material, cost, size, durability, color, and patterns.

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