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How To Get A Refund For Canceled Flights From Any Airline

You can forego asking for a refund for a canceled bus or even train travel. However, an airplane ticket is so expensive to let go of, and therefore, when you cancel a flight, you will want your money back.

Most people pay for flights days, some even months and weeks before the actual travel dates. However, there may be unforeseen circumstances that may necessitate one to cancel a flight. This is why knowledge on how to get a refund for canceled flights from any airline is vital.

Below is a guide on ways of getting refunds for canceled flights. But first, let’s explore the various types of flight tickets you can purchase and what to consider before buying one.

What Are the Various Types of Flight Tickets?

Flights vary in cost depending on the type of ticket one purchases. Therefore, before booking yourself a flight to your preferred destination, you should be aware of the different types of plane tickets. They include;

One Way Tickets

Often, most travelers purchase tickets to travel to and from their destination. However, you may be uncertain of your return dates, have alternative means of traveling back, or maybe permanently relocating. Therefore, you cannot pay for a round-trip ticket.

In such a case, you will opt to pay for a one-way ticket to your destination. If you plan to travel back, then you will have to pay for a return ticket.

Round-Trip Tickets

Round trip tickets apply for travelers with an exact return date; therefore, you pay for your trip to and from your destination.

First-Class Tickets

If you are the kind of person, who loves to travel in style and luxuriously, then this is the ticket for you. First-class is the most expensive type of flight ticket as they offer you access to special treatment such as quality foods and drinks, spacious seating, and other flight amenities, to mention a few.

It is worth noting that a first-class ticket can either be a one-way or a round trip ticket, depending on your travel preference.

Non-Refundable Tickets

Most people opt for non-refundable tickets because they are cheap, especially if you book for the flight months before the travel dates.

The downside of non-refundable tickets is that you cannot ask for a refund if you need to cancel a flight. And even when you do, you may only get tax fee refunds, which is too low compared to the amount you put in for a flight. Some airlines deny the option for a refund for all non-refundable tickets altogether.

Refundable Tickets

Suppose you are uncertain about your travel dates and need to go on a vacation. In that case, you could opt to pay for a refundable ticket in case you have to cancel your flight.

The good thing about refundable tickets is that you are not charged a refund fee or penalty when you cancel a flight. They are, however, more expensive than the non-refundable tickets.

What To Consider Before Booking A Flight

Getting the best travel experience should be a priority when paying for your flight ticket. Therefore, consider the following factors before you book your flight;

·      The cost

Air is one of the most expensive means of travel. The choice of a flight ticket depends on how much you are willing to spend on your flight. However, different airlines may vary in the travel cost for similar destinations. Therefore, you should research to find an affordable airline, depending on your budget.

However, ensure that you are keen on the different air travel pricing. For instance, you may go for the cheapest available airline as listed online but later find out that expenses such as luggage and taxes were not included in the fee. Therefore end up paying even more.

·      The airline choice

There are many available airlines, including delta airlines, American airlines, united airlines, and southwest airlines, to mention a few. Therefore, you should be keen on the choice of your travel airline.

For instance, you could use the airline’s reputation as a parameter to gauge its effectiveness. Therefore, you can visit the different airline websites and read the various reviews and testimonials from passengers who used it before. Based on your findings, you can decide whether to go ahead and book a flight with the airline or not.

·      The refund policies

This factor is crucial, especially when you are uncertain about your travel dates. If you feel that there is a possibility of canceling a booked flight, then you should be keen on the different airline refund policies to avoid frustration in the future when seeking a refund.

Most airlines offer penalty free-refunds to refundable tickets; however, they charge a penalty fee for non-refundable flight tickets.

Therefore, before paying for a flight ticket, you should equip yourself with knowledge and information on how to get a refund for canceled flights in any airline.

How To Get A Refund For Canceled Flights From Any Airline

Imagine paying for a flight ticket to your dream destination during your leave, then two weeks to your travel date, your boss requests that you postpone the holiday. So you have to cancel your flight. But how can you get a refund?

The following are ways you can get refunds for canceled flights;

1.     Buy refundable air tickets

The only sure way to get all your money back if you cancel your flight in any airline is by purchasing a refundable ticket. With a refundable ticket, you do not have to worry about going back and forth with airline management in the pursuit of a refund. Once you cancel your flight, the refund procedure commences.

2.     Exploit the free 24 hours cancellation allowance

The United States Department of transport has placed a 24-hour reservation requirement that urges all carriers to hold a reservation without payment for 24 hours or allow cancellation within 24 hours without penalty.

Therefore, you should take advantage of this period to cancel a flight at no extra fees. Most airlines, however, take three to seven days to refund your total amount.

3.     Apply for a travel insurance

Getting a refund, especially for a non-refundable ticket, is not a walk in the park. Therefore, to ensure that you get your money back in case of a canceled flight, you could pay for travel insurance.

Authentic travel insurance can give you full refunds if you cancel a flight. However, just like any other insurance policies, you need to have a valid reason for flight cancellations to get refunds.


Often, you have no control over what happens in the future. One time you have booked a flight to your dream destination, and the next minute, something unforeseen happens, such as COVID-19, and you have to cancel your flight. Therefore, familiarize yourself with these tips to help you get a refund for canceled flights from any airline when the need arises.

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