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How To Boost Your Sex Drive As A Couple

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People get attracted to each other for various reasons. Some attribute their attraction to emotional attachment or the feelings they hold towards each other. For others, it’s lust, physical attraction, or their friendship that brings them together.

Although love and friendship lay a firm foundation for any long-lasting relationship, there are other equally essential pillars that support the union, among them being compatibility, faithfulness, respect, and great sex.

At the early stages of a relationship, couples are sexually active – this is the honeymoon stage where everything seems to work perfectly. But after some time, reality starts to set in, and you begin to notice each other’s weaknesses.

Good sex is essential!

Even though more women experience loss of libido than men, the latter are more affected by the condition as their masculinity is usually at stake.

Chances are, if you love each other and you can satisfy your partner sexually, you are more likely to overcome other hurdles that you may encounter in your relationship or marriage.

Here is how you can boost your sex drive as a couple…

1.    Improve Your Diet

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You are what you eat. There are nutrients that you get from certain foods that may enhance your performance in bed. Different foods give different nutrients. Here are some of the foods you need to eat to boost your sex drive and their nutritional values:

•    Vegetables

Spinach provides your body with much-needed zinc and vitamin B. At the same time, broccoli has a high content of indole-3-carbinol, which helps reduce the levels of estrogen hormones in women and increases the level of testosterone hormones in men, boosting their libido.

•    Fruits

Fruits provide essential nutrients such as vitamin B6 and folic acid to our bodies. Apples contain an antioxidant compound known as quercetin which promotes blood circulation.

Black raspberries are phytochemical-rich and enhance both libido and endurance. Avocados work magic, too, by boosting the energy during sex.

•    Fish

Fish such as salmon is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which ensures you have excellent blood flow in your body and significantly reduces the risk of contracting diseases that negatively affect your sex life.

•    Nuts

Nuts are rich in L-arginine, which after being converted into nitric oxide, helps to relax the blood vessels.

2.    Workout Regularly

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Working out regularly gives your body a good shape and stamina to perform any given task. Physical fitness is much needed when having sex because muscles are involved, and much strength and energy are required.

It is not a must that you camp at the gym, but you have to make sure that you do light and straightforward exercises frequently to tone your body muscles.

3.    Work on Your Mental Health

Sex starts in the brain. When you want to enjoy good sex with your partner, it is good to first think about and share your desires and expectations with your partner.

If your partner is not in a good state of mind, maybe they are depressed or stressed, which will definitely affect the sex drive. The reason is that when their mind is preoccupied or distracted, they cannot respond as expected.

4.    Maintain Proper Personal Hygiene

Cleanliness is second to Godliness. Make sure that you always take a shower before you go to bed, especially when you feel the urge to have sex. Nobody wants to sleep with someone sweaty.

These are some of the things that can make your partner lose interest in sex. Also, ensure your dental hygiene is on point by brushing your teeth after every meal.

Ensure that you make your bed when you wake up just to make it look tidy. To give the room a conducive atmosphere for great sex, you can use scented candles or use special lighting that will help to set the right mood.

Final Thoughts

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There is rampant use of sex-enhancing drugs, also known as blue pills, even among young and energetic men. There is a need to educate ourselves about the side effects of using such drugs at an early age. These sex-enhancing drugs are prescribed to people who are suffering from erecting dysfunction.

As a young man or woman, what you need is confidence, high self-esteem, and a balanced diet to rise to the occasion.

You can go to the theatre or watch a romantic movie together with your partner. That will earn you some extra moves and sharpen your flirting and love-making skills.

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