Best Budget Cruise Lines For Couples

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The pockets can get tight, especially after weddings or during the holidays when everyone is looking forward to having a good time. But that does not mean you should ditch your holiday plans. However, for couples, finding an affordable yet luxurious cruise can be hectic.

Why Are Cruises Boarded Mostly by Couples?

First, cruises provide a full board, stress-free vacation. Things like accommodation, entertainment, and meals are prepaid. Additionally, there is no need to call on a waiter once onboard, except to choose your preferred dinner entry.

Cruises are convenient and safe, bringing couples to their different destinations. There’s no need to worry about packing and unpacking luggage while changing hotels.

The ship is a floating and moving resort welcoming lovers with a romantic dinner, fantastic entertainment, and comfy beds. With all the details taken care of, couples have an excellent time to spend with each other.

So, to help in your search for the best budget cruise lines for a couple, here is a list you can choose from. We have come up with a list of some of the most affordable yet romantic ships for your vacation. Stay right here as you prepare to shop for your next trip!

5 Best Budget Cruise Lines for Couples

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1.   Costa Cruises

Generally, Costa Cruises are cheaper compared to their competitors with affordable Mediterranean itineraries. If living in the United States and yearn to meet people from other parts of the world, the costa cruise line should be first on your list.

The cruise line is based in Italy, bringing together passengers from the U.S and European countries. Also, there is an eclectic mix of travelers of a diverse age range.

With a Costa ship that matches your style, you can sail from two to 112 nights, depending on your budget. Some cruises are smaller, giving you more intimate romantic moments, while others are bigger and lively. Either way, all the cruises guarantee quality service.

What’s more, Costa’s lively and festive vibe in conjunction with the Mediterranean-inspired design has been pointed out in the U.S News & World Report.

2.  MSC Cruises

With less than $100, you can enjoy a night in the Caribbean itineraries. No matter the destination, you are guaranteed low rates to explore the world with your significant other.

What’s amazing about MSC Cruises, children under the age of 11 always sail free. At certain times in a year, kids between 12 and 17 can also get free trips. If you are cruising on a budget and want to tag along with your kids, MSC Cruises got your back.

For couples, the Swiss cruise offers adult-only pools and 4D movie theatres. The ship will give you a traditional movie theater and a roller coaster experience all in one.

For a culturally enriching, unique, and super-affordable experience, look no further than the MSC Cruise. Imagine a robust 15-night journey from $1 499 per person! A 7-night journey of the Caribbean trips via MSC goes for as low as $549 per person with several stops in Cuba, Havana, Cozumel, Honduras, and Mexico.

All the cruise lines have beautifully fun ships- a perfect adventure for both new and experienced cruisers. Its sophisticated ambiance has been commented on in the U.S. News & World Report.

3.  Norwegian Cruise Line

It’s highly ranked for its budget yet providing a lot of fun for families and budget-friendly couples. Norwegian Cruise Line gives freedom of dressing, has no fixed dining assignments, and generally traveler-friendly. Travelers get to enjoy relaxed, extraordinary experiences at fair prices.

Featuring classy couches and romantic theme canopied beds, the Norwegian Cruise is a perfect place for couples to enjoy cocktails and wine. The Norwegian Pearl, for example, allows couples to explore onboard features through a Panama Canal sailing from Miami.

Despite the high number of sailors, Norwegian offers top-notch services with one crew member for every two to three travelers. Besides, you can choose from a list of trips lasting three to 21 days and enjoy the beautiful destinations.

In addition to the low rates, the Norwegian Cruise Line and MSC Cruises offer promotions on each of their fleet where couples can enjoy shore excursions, Wi-Fi connections, specialty dining, and an open bar.

You also enjoy the jaw-droppingly beautiful ports such as Aruba, Curacao, and Grand Cayman. A night starts from about $87 per person.

4.  Holland America Line

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If planning to visit Alaska as a couple, the Holland America cruise line is one of the most convenient ways. Although not as cheap as other lines on the list, the budget is friendly compared to its competitors like Cunard and Silversea.

According to Colleen McDaniel, the Cruise receives the best rating from sailors who have experienced it. Everything from the cooking classes offered in the Culinary Arts Center to the wine mixing venue, the live music, and dancing create an intimate and bonding atmosphere for couples.

For couples who want a more traditional experience or like family trips, the Cruise has excellent offers for kids. It runs kids-friendly events like the Club HAL program, which offers a range of fun activities from ice-cream-eating contests to sing-along storytimes.

Couples can sail from one to 113 days as they enjoy the ship’s refined atmosphere and spacious suites. Over its years of service, Holland America Line maintained a low-passenger-to-crew ratio ensuring all passengers are well catered for.

Due to its exemplary touch of class and high service level, the starting price for a night is about $107 per person.

5.  Royal Caribbean

Up for real adventure in your getaways? Royal Caribbean offers tons of entertainment with adult-only Solarium, hot tubs, Broadway dining options, and a bar. The cruise sails from Fort Lauderdale to Cocoa Cay – a new private island where couples can escape to the quiet South Beach. A night in the Royal Caribbean begins from about $85 per person.

Take Away

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Dine, dance, relax and enjoy premier entertainment, not forgetting the unforgettable shore excursions you will get in these affordable cruise lines. Discover exciting destinations together and create lifetime memories at every port.

So, if your pocket is a bit shaky this year, why not consider a cruise line that is more favorable and known for value and enjoy with your loved one!

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