6 Most Haunted Castles In The World

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If you have been to the world’s most haunted castles, you can relate to their creepiness. These places hold strange apparitions and ghosts that could scare anyone.

In this article, find some of the most haunted castles in the world. You’ll realize that ghosts might indeed exist.

Here are some of the most haunted castles in the world.

1.    Edinburgh Castle – Scotland

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Edinburgh Castle is found in Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, and was initially a military base during the 12th century. This spooky castle is one of the leading tourist attractions in Scotland and was also home to the Scottish Royal Family back then. Lady Janet Douglas, a Scottish noblewoman, was one weird person to appear in the castle though she got burnt over witchcraft allegations in 1537.

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Some of its parts are as old as 900 years and feature ancient events. The castle has several ghost haunts, including a ghost of a dog hovering in its cemetery grounds.

Stories have also been told of the existence of a hollow knocking sound at night. Some visitors who have been there also recall hearing music as they walk in its empty chambers.

2.    Bhangarh Fort – India

Bhangarh Fort is located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, 200 miles away from Delhi city, and it’s one of the scariest places in India. Stories say that the castle was constructed after a local known as Guru Balu Nath cursed the land after princess Ratnavati rejected him.

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Bhangarh Fort is so haunted that visitors are restricted from accessing it after sunset. On top of that, the castle officials have their offices located far away to avoid ghost haunts when they work.

3.    Leap Castle – Ireland

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Leap Castle is one of the spookiest castles in the world. It dates back to the 14th century and has hosted several apparitions to date. A common ghost you’ll find is a Red Lady wearing a long and tall dress. She roams in the castle’s corridors holding a dagger and ready to provoke whoever provokes her.

Leap Castle is also known for the Bloody Chapel put up after a priest was killed leading a mass. Inside the Bloody Chapel is a dungeon where prisoners would suffer a slow death when thrown eight feet down by the O’Carroll clan.

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The Elemental is also a spirit in this castle, believed to appear in the time of the Druids. By then, sorcery was used to safeguard the land on which the castle stood. Instead, Elemental is also believed to be the work of a magic practitioner called Gerald Fitzgerald, Earl of Kildare.

4.    Chateau de Brissac – France

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Chateau de Brissac Castle lies in Manor, France, and is home to the Duke of Brissac and his family. It’s the tallest castle in France, dating back to the 11th century.

Though it’s a prestigious hotel today, it’s a castle with quite a past. Initially, a man found his wife cheating with her suitor here. He angrily threw them into prison, tortured them, and eventually took their lives away. This fateful event tied the souls of the two to the castle.

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Visitors to this castle narrate ghost appearances, weird touches on their shoulders, and scary sounds. These apparitions could also result from the killing of la Dame Verte or the “Green Lady.” She appears in the corridors wearing a green dress, but what even scares most is the absence of her nose and mouth. This makes her sighting more of that of a corpse.

5.    Bran Castle – Romania

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Bran Castle was nicknamed Dracula’s Castle after the famous Romanian ruler Vlad Impaler was imprisoned here. This creepy castle features Bram Stroker’s Dracula and was an ancient home to Romania’s Queen Marie.

When you visit the castle, you’ll notice Queen Marie’s belongings neatly arranged in one room. Additionally, her husband’s bedroom, King Ferdinand, comprises a ceramic fireplace and modern decorated furniture.

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Bran Castle is home to the Romanian vampire lore. Shoehorns display in one room and those of Vlad Tepes, popularly known as the ‘The Impaler’, is evident.

6.    Dragsholm Castle – Denmark

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Dragsholm Castle is situated in Zealand, Denmark. It was built in the 12th century on the Danish island of Zealand.  Its existence dates back to more than 800 years, starting as a fortress for nobles and royals in the Middle Age.

This is the creepiest place in Denmark, thanks to more than 100 ghosts found here. Some of the most common ghosts include a gang of poltergeists, the white lady, and the gray lady. 4th Earl of Bothwell, James Hepburn, is also a familiar apparition here. The sighting is that of him on top of his horse and carriage.

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Visitors also narrate hearing moaning and Catholic chanting in this castle. They also account for the sounds of horse hooves on the castle’s courtyard.

Take Away

Photo by Roberta Anitori on Unsplash

If you haven’t encountered a ghost, you dare visit one of the most haunted castles above. Surprisingly, these places hold some of the creepiest memories, including dungeons where prisoners died miserable deaths. Nevertheless, the same castles serve as top tourist destinations you can consider visiting today.

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