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10 Easy Ways To Make Her Feel Special & Loved

Making a woman feel like a goddess is not that complicated. This article will give you some simple insights into how you can make her feel special again.

First, know what your woman wants precisely. Is it being listened to, loved, or valued? And if she wants it all, how can you offer it?

Here are well-elaborated ideas you can execute to make her feel like a queen.

10 Ways Of Making A Lady Feel Special  

1.   Visit Fun Places

There are many places you can take her to make her feel special. From the zoo, beach, park, and shopping malls, the list is endless. By doing fun things together, both of you create a solid bond, and she feels like an essential person in your life.

Take part in the things she likes doing, even if it means going to that movie she wants to see at the cinema, even though it’s not amusing to you. And to make your sacrifice meaningful, be honest about your dislike for the movie, and make her understand you are only doing it for her. This way, she will appreciate your honesty and feel extra special.

Generally, ladies love to shop and when the time comes, ask if you can accompany her. And if you’ll go, be active in helping her make choices that suit her. But, creativity is required when making suggestions.

For instance, you could go like, “I think the yellow dress is a perfect fit because it shines like the sun, a true reflection of the light you have brought to my life. Or, the red heels are fantastic since red is your favorite color.” When she realizes you know her favorite color, it will be confirmation that you care about her likes.

2.   Take Pride Of Being Hers In The Public

There are many decent ways of showing your girl affection in public without going extreme. Some creative ways of telling the world that you’re a lucky guy for having her in your life include holding her hand tightly as you walk across the streets, kissing her on the forehead, and embracing her when making a formal introduction to your friends. If she is not private about her life, go ahead and post pictures of both of you on social media, and you can also affirm your relationship by changing your status.

Then, depending on how you address each other, do not change your names when making introductions. For instance, if you call her ‘honey,’ do not introduce her by her name. Also, if you usually walk holding hands, do not let go when you meet people you know. Such behavior is an indication that you are not proud of her.

3.   Spoil Her With Sweet Notes

Even though she will not find you home, you can still make her feel special by leaving behind a sweet message on the coffee table for her to find on arrival at home.

Women love surprises, and finding that unexpected note will make her feel worthy, loved, and excited. Plus, drafting a note expressing your feelings is easy and won’t take much of your time. Yet, it will blow off her mind, and the entire day or night, she will think of nothing else apart from how special she is to you.

4.   Surprise Her With Candle-Lit Dinner

Don’t stress even though you are not good at cooking. Avoid complicated recipes that could backfire or take too much of your time when taking this route for a surprise. Even the simplest of dinner recipes will wow her.

To make the dining experience more engaging, put off the lights and light some scented candles. Such a surprise will remain memorable to her.

5.   Gift Her Flowers

Flowers are a sweet gesture of making her feel special.

You can use flower delivery services to drop them at her office or home. Or even better, you can deliver them personally when picking her from work. Using your wisdom to identify the flowers she loves most will make the surprise even more interesting.

6.   Beautify Her Imperfections

Human is to error, and she can’t be perfect. Even in what she is best at, she may miss a detail, yet you should make her feel okay about her imperfections. Some of the weak moments can be the best opportunities for you to affirm to her how great she is. At times, women fail to feel beautiful, especially when they face the cruelties of this world, and that’s why you are in her life; to ensure she is in constant love with herself.

7.   Remember The Little Details

Have you noticed she has changed her hairstyle, polished her nails afresh, and wore that dress you bought her on her birthday? Do you realize she has been punctual for dinners lately and has changed the shape of her eyebrows? If not, then it’s time you start being attentive.

These may seem like minor issues to concentrate on, but they count a lot to a lady. After all, any of those changes are to impress you. So, make it known to her that you notice each of them, and that way, she will be encouraged to continue impressing you, having known she is special.

8.   Spend Quality Time Together

Note the difference between spending time and spending quality time together. Regardless of being in a relationship for years, continue dating her. Those ice cream and cinema dates should go on and on. Also, keep revisiting some of the unique places where both of you have had memorable moments.

Examples include the place you proposed to her or had your first date. And when she realizes you spare time to spend with her, she may be lenient when you want to spare time for your boys as well.

9.  Listen

Women love talking, and when it could be annoying to the other party, it is essential to ladies. Mostly, ladies will discuss emotional matters like their feelings, fears, and problems. Having no one to listen to them can lead ladies to depression, so if you can bridge that gap in your relationship, you’ll mean the world to your girlfriend.

To make her feel even more special, be active in the conversation and let her note your concern about her wellbeing. For instance, take an interest in knowing how her day was or how she solved that issue at work that she told you about the other day. It’s not about listening only, but paying full attention to her.

10.  Be There For Her Always

Being there for your lady during the good times is great. But, you make a woman feel even more special by being there for her in times of pain and desperation. And it doesn’t mean much to be there physically.

Go the extra mile of accompanying her through such moments. Try to cheer her up, encourage her and become a solid support system. This way, she will feel really special.

Final Thoughts

It’s high time you start to evaluate how you treat your woman. Perhaps you were very keen on treating her right when you first met, but things changed with time.

Well, it is never too late to win and empower her once again. Try and use some of these ideas, and slowly by slowly, you will get her back on track, and no one will make her feel less remarkable.

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